The Name Game

Even when we were dating, it was fun for us to think about names for our kids. I had always loved the name Hannah — I thought it was such a sweet name for a little girl. When I first proposed it, Greg wasn’t a big fan. (That’s what you get for marrying a teacher — they know a student by EVERY name!) But as he heard me say it more and more, it grew on him. By the time Hannah arrived, Greg was in love with it.

Despite how much we’ve discussed names in the past, it’s not very often that we find a name that meets all of our “criteria:”

  1. Something we both like
  2. Not too traditional, but not too modern
  3. “Flows” with their other siblings’ names
  4. Has some sort of meaning or connection to another family member (whether first or middle name)
  5. Has a biblical component or associated saint (whether first or middle name)

The last bullet was always something Greg was adamant about. He said it meant that someone was looking out for them and praying for them all the time. I was relieved to find out that Hannah wasn’t just a cute name — she was also mentioned in the bible as the mother of Samuel, the last prophet. After having trouble conceiving, God finally gave her a son. Hannah now has a cross in her room above her crib that reads “For this child I have prayed. — 1 Samuel 1:27

Anyways, with all those name requirements to meet, we had a tough time coming up with names for the triplets — especially when we thought we might have a mix of genders. For boys, we liked names like Patrick and Eli. For girls, we toyed around with Alexandra (which we considered for Hannah), Samantha, Rachel, Maria, and Sadie. I know what you’re thinking……”Sadie?!?!” It’s an older name, no doubt, but I love bringing older names like that “back to life.” Greg has two teacher friends at school who have a daughter named Sadie. If it weren’t for them, I’m sure we never would’ve thought of it! In the end though, we decided it just didn’t “flow” with the other names we had picked out. 😦 I kept telling Greg, “I’m not cool enough to have a daughter named Sadie!!”

So here’s what we’ve decided on for now (keep in mind, we still have about 3 1/2 months to go, so you never know!):

  • Alexandra (Alex) Marie
  • Lucy Ann
  • Nora Jane

Marie is a name that a lot of people have in their families as middle names. In our case, it means more because both my mother and Greg’s maternal grandmother have Marie as their FIRST names. Plus, it’s Greg’s mom’s middle name and my sister’s middle name.

St. Lucy is the patron saint of eyes. You may or may not know that Greg has always had eye troubles — in college, he underwent two summers of intensive eye surgery to transplant new corneas. Thus, he’s always had a special connection to her. Anne is my middle name and has been “passed down” from my maternal grandmother – her middle name is Ann, while my mother’s middle name is Anna. (We thought “Lucy Anna” sounded just a little too much like Louisana. 🙂 ) So we decided to carry on this special middle name and spell it the way my grandma does.

Nora is an older name, but is coming back in popularity. We have a little neighbor girl named Nora, which is where we got the idea. (I think it’s Greg’s favorite right now — he lights up every time I say it.) As for the Jane part, we thought it flowed really well, and we had previously considered Janie as a first name. My maternal grandmother’s first name is Janith. We decided to work in Jane — a form of Janith — as a tribute to her. (Surprise, grandma!) As for Nora, we did some research and found that it’s a derivative of Eleanor, which comes from Helen. Interesting, huh?

So how will we decide which baby gets what name? I think it’s going to be too hectic in the delivery room to look at each face and assign a name. I’d rather just give them the names above in the order that they come out. Greg says we should refuse to name them in the delivery room — we should wait until they’re cleaned up and we have a chance to look at each one. But I’m worried we’ll lose track!! I think I’m going to be one of those “toenail polish moms” who has to label her kids so she doesn’t forget.

Either way, just because we have a list of names doesn’t mean we aren’t taking suggestions. Have a good one? Let us know by filling out the form below!


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  1. How about “Cecelia” or a derivitive of it –  – pa tron saint of musician s?

    Christmas babies- Carol – Noel – Angela – Beth – 

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