We Bought a Zoo…I Mean House

Well, here it is! Our brand new digs:

This morning, we closed on our new house in Greenwood. This house has everything we were looking for:

  • Four bedrooms
  • Close proximity to both parents (2 minutes from the Jansens, 4 minutes from the Smiths to be exact)
  • Nearby highway for work commute
  • Plenty of backyard space (and it’s fenced in!)
  • Move-in ready
  • Young, quiet neighborhood
  • No trains!!

In all truthfulness, this is my dreamhouse. 🙂 It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. You know how in The Sound of Music, Maria says “when God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window?” Sure, the line’s been overused and has become a little cheesy by now. But that’s how things seem to keep working out the past couple years with a few hardships we’ve faced. Last year around this time (I was also pregnant then too), I got into a bad car accident, which totaled my brand new car and sent me to the hospital. Despite all the medical bills, psychological stress, Hannah’s [then] upcoming birth, moving to Avon, and more, we somehow came out on top. I ended up with a nicer car with less miles and a lower payment AND the insurance companies decided it was the other driver’s fault, so we didn’t pay a thing! Similarly, it’s been easy to see the news of the triplets as a “closed door” — a closed door to our youth, one-on-one time with Hannah, having my body back, you name it……But as I’ve asked myself “WHY?” through all of this, I’ve come up with quite a few answers — and finding this house is one of them.

If we had been pregnant with only one baby, we probably wouldn’t have moved back to Greenwood — and I think that’s where we’re supposed to be. We’re already itching to get out of the Avon house, and I wonder if we would’ve felt that way if we had no reason to leave. This way, we can be closer to our parents and live in a beautiful home that seems to be meant for us. After closing this morning, I couldn’t help but think of all the Christmases we’ll celebrate and all the memories we’ll create in this house with our girls.

During our house hunt, both Greg and our realtor knew this was “the one” because it’s the first time I had ever smiled ear-to-ear upon entering a property. The house is only six years old and the previous owners did a fabulous job maintaining, decorating, and landscaping it. We met them today and they are wonderful people. In fact, they are both teachers in the Center Grove school system — there’s a good chance they could have our girls in class someday!

It’s so nice to have something big like this checked off our “master list” before the babies come. At the same time, we won’t be moving in until November 1 or so. That will give us some time to sell our current house in Avon. No formal bites just yet, but we’re hopeful. We had an open house last weekend. We scrubbed, organized, and staged until the house completely sparkled! But only two couples came through — of course, that could be because it was Labor Day weekend and it was pouring down rain. 😦 We’ve buried a St. Joseph statue in the yard, but your prayers are appreciated! We just hope that some young couple comes along and sees it the way we did.

Truthfully, a good portion of the worry and anxiety from this whole process has been more about the less glamorous things — like medical bills, real estate, and sickness — than about the babies themselves. Honestly, the “stress of caring for four kids” has been the least of our worries! 🙂 I suppose that’s a good problem to have.

So in summary, no — we didn’t buy a zoo (like in the recent Matt Damon movie)…but we bought a house that we’ll eventually turn into our very own zoo!

It’s also been awhile since I’ve provided an update on the pregnancy, so I thought I’d bring you up to speed:

Weeks: 19 1/2

Weight Gained: At least 6 lbs.

Tummy: BIG and round

Gate: Starting to resemble “the pregnancy waddle”

Babies: FINALLY kicking up a storm!

Feeling: Like I’m already running out of space

Outlook: Excellent and excited

Lastly, here’s a little update on our Hannah Banana. While with my family last weekend, she gave us a little surprise! Click the movie below to check it out:


3 responses

  1. This post is fantastic. The line about the Christmases with your girls made me tear up a bit. Dammit, stef. haha

    Sorry I was slow to comment. I hadn’t been getting emails when new posts were made but I figured it out and I should be a commenting fool now. Love you. So happy for you and Greg. Love you and my nieces!

  2. :Love your stroller, the names you got picked out (so far) & your new HONE. Can’t wait to see everything some day including the 4 babies. Grandma & Grandpa Goedde

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