Little Cuties

I received a personalized gift the other day pertaining to the triplets. I work for a company called ExactTarget whose branding is ORANGE. At ExactTarget, we love everything about orange, and we try to infuse it into everything we do. So when our HR crew started an internal program to congratulate all the employees having babies, it was quite fitting that they named it “ExactTarget Cuties” — just like the little orange clementines.

The program is just getting off the ground, but it seems I am inaugural member! Not only did they give me a shirt for Hannah, but they customized a shirt just for me and the triplets:

Many many thanks to Nicole R. for instituting this program and bringing a smile to my face with these shirts! I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in the company who has/is having triplets, so this shirt is truly one of a kind!

Speaking of cuties, I thought I’d share a recent picture of this little one:

Can you see that little pony tail on top? This girl is starting to get a lot of hair! And believe it or not, it’s curly. 🙂 Hmm…..wonder where she got that from………

Hannah will be 11 months old tomorrow, and she is such a big girl. She’s standing on her own and is about to take her first steps any day now. When she’s in her walker or crawling, she’s already too fast to keep up with — I can only imagine what kind of walker/runner she’s going to be!

Lastly, I thought I’d update you on the pregnancy. I had another appointment today and it went very well. Dr. D is very pleased with my progress — no contractions, no complications so far, and everything internally is measuring as it should be so that we have a long pregnancy. I saw a Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialist two weeks ago and they did a THREE HOUR ULTRASOUND. Yikes! It wasn’t exactly fun, but I did come out with some great pictures of the girls. They even did a 3D ultrasound of each of their faces!

Kinda creepy, but also kinda cool. Don’t worry — the thing on the side of her face is just the placenta. 🙂 I think my favorite part is her little arm lifted up!

Anyways, we discussed the outcomes of the MFM appointment with Dr. Dunlop today and he was very pleased with the report. Since this is such a critical time, he wants to start seeing me every week now. Here’s a little snapshot of where we’re at:

Weeks: 23

Weight gained: 25 lbs.

Baby weights: 14, 15, and 16 ozs!

Physically feeling: Good and still mobile!

So, thank you for your continued prayers during these risky 10 weeks. Keep it up! And if I could put in just another little prayer request, please pray for the sale of our house in Avon. We’re so close! We’ve lowered the price, had two open houses, and numerous showings — but no offers yet. 😦 We’re getting into crunch time in regards to moving and juggling two houses, so we’d like to have an offer soon to take away the nerves. Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, and support!


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  1. Glad you are feeling good and the dr. appts are going so well. Sounds like you have wonderful advice and support around you. Now, we just need your home to sell. I will add that in my prayers for you. SELL SELL SELL!!!

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