We Made It!

Our IU family — a cheerleader, Coach Bobby Knight, and a basketball.

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted. I’ve been a little preoccupied — we’re finally moved into our new house in Greenwood! Between the last-minute packing, cleaning, closing on the house, and unpacking, it’s been a busy couple of weeks! Luckily, we had the help of our families and a few friends during the move. We couldn’t have done it without them! I realized with this move that Greg and I have moved every year, on the year since we got married three years ago — one year at our first apartment, one year at our second apartment, one year in Avon, and hopefully the next decade or so in our new house! And for each of these moves, our family has helped us move boxes. Amazing!

In the time since my last post, we also celebrated Halloween. We went to a party at our friends’ house and were able to take Hannah since two other babies would be present. We coordinated our costumes and went as an IU basketball family. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed catching up with our friends from college.

My extended family in Southern Indiana also got together for a Halloween party. I would’ve loved to go, but some recent lower back pain has prevented me from being in a car too long and I was worried that something might happen while I was so far away from home, so unfortunately, we weren’t able to go. I really wish we could’ve gone since I know we won’t be down there for Christmas with the babies coming at that time, but my mom, dad, sister, and brother went. We Skyped with everyone at the party and they got to see my big belly! It was fun to see them too.

The best part? My aunts and female cousins threw me a reverse baby shower!! Never heard of a reverse baby shower? That’s because they made it up!! Because I couldn’t be there, they brought their gifts for the babies, presented them to the group, and then had a gift wrapping contest afterward to send the presents home with my mom to give to me. What a great idea, huh?!?! I enjoyed hearing about it from my mom when she got back. I received some wonderful gifts, plus a heartfelt note from the group. Here’s my favorite excerpt:

“You know all of the Goedde women are strong individuals. We have all been blessed with having children. None of us have been viewed strong enough by the Great One above to be blessed with three at one time. All of us understand what it’s like to have a new child with midnight feedings, no sleep, stress, sick kids, the joy of seeing their first smile, listening to them giggle, watching them grow, reading them books, and many, many more…but none of us will ever know what it is like to have three at one time of the same age. For this, we take our hats off to you and honor you as a mother.”

I am so touched by my family’s words, thoughtfulness, and generosity. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them all together — probably as long ago as last Christmas — and I miss them. But, I can feel their love and support for me and the babies radiating all the way up to Indy! Thank you all for such a lovely surprise.

This past weekend was a special one — my baby girl, Hannah, turned one year old. (tear) I can’t believe it. I was very nostalgic the whole day, remembering what we were doing at that exact time one year ago. Hannah gave me the perfect pregnancy with the perfect delivery — no complications, only 7 hours of labor, and a healthy, 8 lb. baby. We will celebrate this big milestone this weekend with a cupcake decorating party with the family! (pictures of Hannah devouring icing to follow) Speaking of pictures, we also had Hannah’s one year pictures taken by my friend, Kristeen — our designated family photographer! (She took Hannah’s newborn and 6-month photos as well.) We had a lot of fun this shoot because Hannah can actually stand and walk on her own now. The pictures are still being edited, but we got a little preview.

Lastly, I’d like to announce some very exciting news — WE MADE IT TO 28 WEEKS!!!! This means we’re out of the risky period, and if the babies came today, they would do well “on the outside.” Dr. D was so excited, he gave me a big hug at my appointment today! We had an ultrasound, and the babies are also measuring a few days larger than they should! It’s amazing to think that their growth hasn’t dropped off at all — they are each the same size as a singleton baby would be at 28 weeks. I have NO idea how they fit in there so compactly! Amniotic fluid levels are looking great and the babies show no signs of transfusion syndrome. I’m AMAZED to hear all of this great news, considering that I’m still quite mobile. And though my stomach looks pretty big to me, it doesn’t seem like a “triplet belly.” You know how some people are just cut out for certain things? Apparently I was made for having babies! 🙂

Weeks: 28

Weight Gained: 38 lbs.

Feeling: Achy, large, hungry, tired

Outlook: Happy to still be mobile, grateful for how helpful people have been to me


5 responses

  1. A mother’s job description is to help her kids with whatever, which includes moving them every time that they need it !! I know that you are feeling better that the move is over, and you can settle in now — we enjoy seeing Hannah a lot more ! Love all of you guys!
    YES!! You made it to 28 weeks!

  2. So glad that all the girls are doing well, mom included! Just think I had Alleyna at 28 weeks so it can be done. Time to pray that their little lungs continue to develop~another preemie hurdle. Think right now that Greg’s wedding band would probably slide up one of their legs. Tiny miracles.

    We loved spending some time with Hannah on Friday. Alleyna was in heaven and said that she would come play with Hannah any time. I’m pretty sure that Hannah was having fun too. Love you all!

  3. You are totally awesome, Stefanie! It was great seeing all three of you a couple of weeks ago. I’m totally impressed that they are all measuring like singleton babies. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. Woohoo!! 28 weeks and still looking great!! Keep going Steph. Each week just gets your 3 little pumpkins a little stronger. You can do this! You have a tremendous family – what fantastic support and love:).

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