I’m Still Here

Nope, I haven’t had the babies yet. I just haven’t blogged in awhile because I’ve been gathering material to write about! (With such an uneventful pregnancy like this, there’s only so many ways I can say “the babies are still doing great!”) Luckily, I have plenty to talk about now, and I thought I’d share:

1. Hannah’s 1-year pictures

kristeenmarie-photography-4585-2-e_editeddesktop_edited2_croppedWe got Hannah’s 1-year photos back last week. They’re adorable! Here are a couple of my favorites. A big shout out to Kristeen Marie Photography! She’s been our designated family photographer since Hannah was born last year, and I’m proud to say we’ll also be her first triplet clients!

2. The triplets’ room is now complete!

My mom made name plates for each crib. So cute!

My mom made name plates for each crib. So cute!

These girls will certainly be well-dressed!

These girls will certainly be well-dressed!

The triplets' room.

The triplets’ room.

The loft a.k.a. "Jansen Baby Central"

The loft a.k.a. “Jansen Baby Central”

Up until a few days ago, I was feeling very unready for the babies to come. I think part of it had to do with the fact that we still needed a third crib. Luckily, a family friend stepped up this week and lent us hers! Now the baby room is complete, all the clothes are sorted (we have  a TON), and the loft is ready to go with three swings, three bouncy seats, three boppy pillows…….you get the picture. My mom played a huge role in getting “Jansen Baby Central” to where it needed to be. Everything’s in its proper place, the triplet room looks adorable, and I finally feel ready. We also acquired the perfect set of couches from Greg’s parents who moved last weekend. Now we’ll have a comfy place to hold and feed babies!

3. Pregnancy update

photo(2)As usual, we had an appointment this past week. The babies are still looking great, though I can’t tell what I’m looking at anymore on the ultrasound screen because they’re so big. Fluid levels and heartbeats are great. My stomach is measuring full-term. Though I haven’t really been having contractions, Dr. D still wants to give me a steroid shot next week, just in case. This will help the babies’ lungs develop faster and better prepare us if the babies decide to come early on their own. Apparently, the shot doesn’t do much good after 34 weeks (I’m 31 1/2 weeks now), so now’s the perfect time.

Plus, I’ve finally caved about sharing a picture of my pregnant belly with you. (My mom’s been begging me to post one.) This’ll be no surprise to the people who see me on a regular basis, but I know there are friends and extended relatives who live far away and haven’t seen “the triplet belly.” Just promise me this picture won’t surface again if I decide to run for office someday, ok?? 🙂

Not that big, you say? You’re right — I feel the same size as when I was full-term with Hannah. But that doesn’t make it easier! These girls are really getting heavy and I’m not sure how much more I can take. To add to it, Hannah’s in the stage where she throws all her food on the floor, her toys are all over the place, and she wants to be picked up a lot. Of course, I have a lot of help with that kind of stuff, but I still want to keep my house clean and my kid happy! So I’ve probably been pushing myself more than the average triplet mom — and I think it’s time to stop. 😦 Unfortunately for Greg, that means he’ll have to step up even more around the house than he already does. I feel so bad because after he works a full day at school, he has to come home and start “work” again, taking care of Hannah and me. Of course, he says he enjoys it and will do whatever it takes (husband of the year?), but I’m a big believer in the partnership of marriage and I want to be up and about, helping! (I know, I know……”you’re doing an important job too with those babies”…..blah, blah, blah……) I just can’t wait to have my body back! (Sorry, babies….)

4. Life update

Other than that, we’ve been keeping busy around the house. Today marks one month that we’ve been here! I feel pretty darn good about what we’ve been able to accomplish in that time. And it feels so natural living here. We love it!

I’ve been busy getting Christmas shopping done (online, I promise) before baby mayhem hits. Unfortunately, Christmas will be quite different for us this year — we’re not hanging lights on the house, we won’t be able to attend Goedde Christmas in southern Indiana, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to go to Christmas Eve Mass. It may not be a traditional Christmas this year, but it’ll still be special.

Me and my bad attitude at Kroger.

Me and my bad attitude at Kroger.

Lastly, I overcame a big feat this week — my “pregnant pride.” Dr. D told me at my last appointment that I shouldn’t be making large grocery trips or walking around large stores anymore (and I agree), but up til now, I’ve REFUSED to get in one of those motorized carts. At the same time, we had to make a grocery run last weekend (we were down to practically nothing) and I wanted to go with Greg because there’s so much I think of while in the store. Unfortunately, this meant swallowing my pride and finally getting in one of these heinous things. I was mortified, but I did it. Here’s a picture — once again, no future blackmailing please. 🙂


10 responses

  1. Deart Stephanie and Greg —

    Here’s a thought

    In your  “33rd” week — it wi ll be 12/12/12  — WHAT A P ERFECT BIRTHDAY DATE TO REMEMBER!!!!

    Love, Great  Grandma Kern

  2. You look beautiful as always…I’m so glad things are going good, we miss you!! Thinking about you and your family and sending prayers daily.

  3. Stef what a wonderful Blog. I just noticed that the feast of OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE IS ON THE 12TH OF DEC. & ON THE 13TH IS THE FEAST OF ST. LUCY. Prayers for you, Greg & Hannah everyday. Grandma Goedde

  4. Stephanie, I’m so glad you are doing so well, especially since I’m sure you are not feeling fantastic. It’s so great that you are so far along, I won’t lie, I’m extremely jelous! I’m about a month behind you, sometimes it’s almost overwhelming thinking about how long there is yet to go. Best of luck, glad things are so uneventful!

  5. Oh my gosh….I cannot wait for these little darlings to arrive! I will finally get my “baby fix”. You two are so amazing! Your home looks beautiful. Hannah is a doll. You two are still talking to each other. All is good! Bring on those babies….I’d lobby for December 8 – Feast of the Immaculate Conception….but December 12 would be great too!

  6. Stef: you look great, as always. And an even more eloquent writer than before! You’ve been on my mind a lot lately and wanted to tell you how proud I am of you and Greg and that I look forward to meeting your new beautiful daughters! Hannah is just adorable. Please (and I mean this!) have your mom call me to add me to your elf list :). I’m just down the road now and would consider it an honor to contribute. Looking forward to hearing when the girls grace the world with their arrival.


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