You’re Not Gonna Believe This…

In case you’re counting, we are now at 33 weeks — the average gestation for triplets. (Funny — THREE babies at THIRTY-THREE weeks.) Yet, it still seems rare to make it this far, especially in the condition the babies and I are in. I haven’t been on bed rest, I’m still working, I’m up and moving around, the babies are healthy, and they’ve continued to have great fluid levels.

But you think that’s something???

How about this — we had another “measurement ultrasound” today (my favorite kind!) and we discovered that the average weight of the babies is now 4 lbs. 12 ozs.

(Pause for dropped jaws and/or giddy laughter.)

That’s just under 5 lbs. each!!! I’m basically carrying a 15 lb. baby over here!! Needless to say, we were all smiles in the ultrasound room. I practically had to pick my mom up off the floor — she was screaming for joy and tearing up. I was in shock — how do they fit so compactly in there? While fluid levels are still healthy, the ultrasound tech. commented that my stomach is “all baby,” meaning they’re pretty crammed — and I believe it! They’re now starting to spread out to my sides — so much so that it was very difficult to get an accurate measurement for Baby A today, as her head is apparently in my hip.

Despite this terrific news, I was a little disappointed to learn that we couldn’t set a delivery date (well…not one that I’m happy with anyway). Because the babies and I are still fine and there are no signs of danger yet, Dr. D wants to wait just a little longer (and rightly so). Unfortunately, “longer” isn’t until December 28!!! I was really hoping it’d be next week sometime. That way, we’d avoid Christmas week, my sisters and brother-in-law could see the babies while they visit in a couple weeks, and we’d still be early enough to get most everything covered by insurance before the end of the year hits (am I being shallow here?).

HOWEVER, we also discovered that I’m already dilated 2 cm. and 70% effaced. Soooo, ya never know — we’ll probably be seeing these babies much sooner than the 28th. At this point, I’m almost trying to send myself into labor. (If you see me roaming the aisles of Target without sitting down for awhile, you’ll know why. šŸ˜‰ )

Even though I want this to be over soon and the babies to come, I’m still extremely nervous about the delivery. I’ve never had a C-section before and the thought of an incision through major surgery scares me a bit. (Any readers out there had a C-section before? Feel free to comment below and tell me about your experience.) Plus, I was induced with Hannah, so I really don’t know what the whole “water breaking, rush to the hospital” bit is about. I’m nervous about the potential hurriedness of it all.

Lindsay and me at the ExactTarget Christmas party.

Lindsay and me at the ExactTarget Christmas party.

Aside from the appointment, we’ve just spent the last week hanging out with family and getting ready for Christmas. We’re pretty set on triplet stuff, so that leaves us with time to focus on other things. I even got to attend my company Christmas party last Friday night. It was a great time! I bought a new dress and shoes and Hannah had her first sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa Jansen’s so mommy and daddy could have a nice night out. My sister Lindsay dates a great guy who also works at ExactTarget, so she was there as well. It was so great to see my co-workers again after being secluded at home for so long. They were all very surprised to see me out and were extremely complimentary! I really love the people I work with — they’re so supportive.

Oh! And speaking of Christmas, I thought I’d give you a heads up that you won’t be receiving a Christmas card from us this year. Instead, I plan to send out New Year’s cards that will also serve as a birth announcement for the girls. We’ll see when I get around to that!

A little triplet humor...

A little triplet humor…

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a little “triplet humor” that I came across this week. I wonder if we could get onesies that ALL say “I wasn’t planned?” šŸ™‚


13 responses

  1. I had an emergency cesarean with a vertical incision (from the navel to the pubic area) which will allow the health care provider to deliver the baby faster. I had 21 staples. I had more staples and incision than I did baby!

    Alleyna came out screaming at the top of her lungs and the best memory of the whole delivery room was when the doctor said “Hello Peanut!” I had a team of 16 people in my delivery room and the NICU team went into action immediately after she was born. They worked on her for a short time in the delivery room before they whisk her to the NICU. As the NICU team rushed her out of the delivery room, they did give me a drive by peek and and said here she is. Mind you she fit in the doctor’s hand.

    She did breath on her own for the first 36 hours of her life and then she went to an oxygen tent over her head and finally was intubated and placed on an oscillator that blew constant air into her lungs. This helped with the development of the lungs.

    She was in a warming bed which was open with a warmer over it. It helps to regulate the baby’s body heat. A preemie doesn’t know how to keep its body warm or how to stuck, swallow, and breathe when it feeds.

    You’ll do great Super Mom~you have been a superstar so far in this pregnancy!

    Anxiously waiting……..

  2. I made the blog!! Yay! OMG Stef. I’m so pumped. Can’t wait to meet this gorgeous girls. Love you! Hang in there. As mom would say…you’re in the home stretch!

  3. December 13 is the feast of St. Lucy. One of your chosen names. I know this because Kara chose Lucy as her confirmation name because this is Kara’s birthday. Aunt Marilyn

  4. Jackson was delivered by c-section after my labor stopped progressing. I was fully effaced but he was stuck and facing “sunny side up”. I had a low incision which you can hardly see any more. They put up a screen so I couldn’t see anything which was disappointing at first. Lee was there to talk to me and watch the action and give me the play-by-play. His reactions were pretty funny in retrospect. You better prepare Greg to see your insides! They jacked up my epidural for the surgery and that was my only complaint. I didn’t feel any pain but I think I had more than I needed because when they brought me Jackson to hold I couldn’t really move my arms. So we didn’t get to bond much right away. This might explain why he had such separation issues when he was little! On the plus side, he still likes hanging out with me. We’re wondering when he’s moving out. Lol!

    Actually I have always said the recovery from my c-section was much easier than Teddy’s birth which was a vaginal delivery. My hemorhoids were awful!

    At 33 weeks and almost 5 lbs each I’d say the scary stuff is behind you! I agree with your Aunt Kim. You’re going to do great!

  5. Well Stef I can commet on my experences. My water broke with the twins on Sunday afternoon. I was on bed rest then until they were born on Thursday. My water broke again with Uncle Paul. He was born within a few hours. So if your water brakes get to the hospital immediately. As for Cesarean, #8 & #9, (Aunt Laura & Aunt Amy) were both Cesarean.

  6. Caesarean…no problem. First one after 24 hours of induced labor. Then emergency section (not vertical) due to heart rate drop. I was awake with epidural. Scott had swallowed miconium fluid ( gross) and took 45 loooong seconds to breathe but then all was good. Spent a few hours in nicu.

    Recovery very quick for me. Second child I scheduled the section.

    Scar is waaaay low. Can’t even see it

  7. I had three C sections in four years for my three girls. You get one C section and have three girls. Sounds like a good deal! Sorta like a 3 for one. I had all three of my by C sections because the size of my babies vs the size of me. It felt like my belly would drop to the floor the first few times I stood up after the delivery but after that I was just stiff and sore. Take the time you need to heal so that you don’t prolong your recovery. Just listen to your body and don’t rush. There’s a balance between getting moving so you can recover and listening to what your body needs to heal itself. Try to find that balance. My incision is very low. I think you will find that will a C section is not fun and it is something that takes extra time to recover from but given my situation and yours, it is a wonderful option! I will be praying you find God’s peace in what is sure to be a hectic, busy, overwhelming few months (maybe even years). I am certain this will lead to many years of joy for you and your family. Lean on your Faith!

  8. Hi Stef,
    So you are going to laugh but my scheduled c-section was on Dec. 28th as well and my boys decided to make a surprise appearance on Dec 18th! You never know we may have more in common yet…if those little gals decide to come a little early these triplets could share the same birthday! I had Nora natural and obviously the boys c-section so I experienced both as well. :). So excited for you!

  9. I am going for the “mirror ball” trophy on having a delivery every way possible – epidural, 2 c-sections, and el naturale! Hands down, I prefer the cesareans – I could sit and walk better when I came home and the “sitz bath” does not help! I thought that Jen and Linds came out pink and happy-looking versus “squeezed and conehead”! We are NOT trying to scare you honey, you have had NO health issues and the little girls in there are doing sooooo great, you will have them and think “wow, that was easier than what I went through with Hannah!”
    God will take care of all of you, he has your back and so does your family and friends!

  10. My only experience I have to help you with is that I had a colonoscopy on Monday and it went real well! I was asleep when they did it, so I don’t know if the doctor and nurse had an e-face or not when they done the procedure.

  11. Good one Gary! I am so happy for you. Everything is looking and sounding great. You babies are going to weigh as much as mine did in individual pregnancies and trust me I gained way more weight then you. I am jealous of you. Don’t be anxios about the delivery or try and plan it. It will happen as it is suppose to and then you will have your story. God is Good!

  12. Stef, you are amazing! God has blessed you and Greg – so rightfully deserved. Hang in there; you’ve done wonderful so far and no doubt this unknown experience will fall in to place when it’s the right time. As your mom said, God has your back and so do all who love you guys. Keep up the good work, you’ve got this!!! šŸ™‚

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