Home Sweet Home

A lot has happened since I last wrote. I suppose I’ll start with the most recent news and work backwards.

The triplets are now a week old and THEY WERE ALL THREE RELEASED TO COME HOME TODAY!!!

As I write, each baby is sound asleep in their crib upstairs (even Hannah!). Believe it or not, we have a quiet house right now. Last night, we spent the night at the hotel in St. Francis so we could undergo “Triplet Training” and get used to night feedings. Everything went really well and Greg and I already feel like experts! Coming home today was kind of a circus — we had to scramble to find a car seat that was small enough for Lucy, who is still below 5 lbs. (The car seats we got for the triplets are all approved for 5 lbs. and up.) Luckily, Hannah’s old car seat did the trick! Aside from that, the hospital has a [silly] policy that in order to go home from the NICU, babies must be in their car seats, sitting in the laps of their parents who are wheeled out in a wheelchair. So just imagine – BOTH Greg and me in wheelchairs with car seats on our laps and Nora on a utility cart, all being wheeled out in some weird “triplet parade” by nurses. Needless to say, we had a good chuckle.

We can’t believe our babies only spent ONE WEEK in the NICU. We are so thankful for their health. It was nice to have that week though — 1) so I had some extra time to recover and 2) so we could properly celebrate Christmas. I got discharged on Christmas Eve (a much-needed day later than I was supposed to), so I still got to celebrate Christmas with our families. We had a great time and got some wonderful gifts. As for me, I’m still having a lot of incisional pain, but other than that, I’m up and moving around quite well. I want to get up and do all these things to help out, but I also know it’s important to take it easy so I don’t overdue it. I weighed myself and I’m already down 25 lbs! I’m pretty sure that was all baby. 🙂

Between my homecoming and today, we’ve just been relaxing, spending time with Hannah, visiting the NICU, and getting the house even more prepared for the triplets. The hospital sent us home with a TON of stuff – bottles, bags, formula, bulb syringes, pacifiers…..you name it. We were curious what Hannah’s first time meeting the triplets would be like, but it was really sweet to watch. When she saw them, she started smiling and laughing a bit — I think she thought they were baby dolls. After I got Nora out of her car seat to hold her though and we put Hannah down, she started fussing a bit, realizing that mommy was holding another baby besides her. She started crying a bit and held onto my legs while I stood. After a good nap though, she’s been infatuated with the triplets, running up the stairs every chance she can get so she can run into the triplets’ room and see them. Warms my heart!

We’ve also created a CareCalendar to organize volunteer help. If you’re interested in helping out somehow — whether with the babies, meals, or household chores — please let me know! Stay tuned for a link to the calendar soon.

No pictures or videos to share today. Just an update. I’ll try and get on to post as much as I can. For now, we’ve got the Jansen and Smith families ready on the home front to get us through the weekend. Wish us luck!


4 responses

  1. You know you can count on me for baby time and or a meal can’t wait to meet the newest members of the Jansen family. Love you all Aunt Ann

  2. What a blessing you are all home and healthy! Such great news. And Stef, four the 20th time, I am able to help wherever you need me so please be sure I’m on the list! Will be looking forward to meeting all the girls and catching up with you. Have a blessed new year — I know it will be one to remember. Much love….

  3. We’re available for chore help. I don’t think you want our cooking 😉 we are great at ice tea runs–sweet or unsweetened? Best news of all to hear all three are healthy & home!! Love, the Rileys

  4. Stef, Thanks for the update. I think about you a lot & wish I was closer so I could sometime. Grandma & Grandpa

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