A Day in the Life of a Triplet Parent

Well, it’s been a week since we brought the girls home from the hospital, and I’m happy to report that all is going smoothly. Things right now are surprisingly easier than we expected, and I attribute that to the fact that as preemies, the girls are still sleeping all the time. So besides their feedings every three hours, the house stays relatively quiet. Sure, the night shifts have made us a little groggy, but no more so than the way we were with Hannah. We try to catch up on sleep throughout the day while others are here to help.

We’ve had a lot of visitors in this first week. It’s been great to watch our parents and siblings hold the babies after having to “look but not touch” in the NICU. In addition, we’ve had a lot of help already with meals, feedings, and household chores from other family and friends. Thank you, thank you!

Hannah still gets her share of attention, whether from visitors or from us. She seems to get bigger and smarter every day and it’s so fun to watch. Our upstairs loft (a.k.a. “Jansen Baby Central”) is the perfect family hangout. We feed the babies while Hannah entertains us by playing with her toys and running around upstairs. Her favorite game right now is to knock down the blocks she got for Christmas whenever someone builds a tower. Classic!

Our "triplet limo" and chauffeur.

Our “triplet limo” and chauffeur.

Today, we had our first pediatrician visit with the triplets. (A huge feat!) I’m very proud of us — we planned it, we prepared for it, we timed it, we succeeded. We also got to use our triplet stroller for the first time. It certainly attracted a lot of attention, but it was nice to have. We had chosen the first appointment after lunch in an attempt to avoid too many sick kids in the waiting room (a recommendation from the NICU). Unfortunately, that idea went out the window — it seems every family that came in after us had at least three kids too. So, the waiting room was kind of a zoo, which had me on pins and needles, but the girls didn’t make a peep. The appointment went extremely well and we got a lot of great news:

  • Each baby has gained at least a pound since leaving the NICU. In fact, Alex and Nora are just under 6 lbs!
  • We don’t have to wake the babies up every three hours through the night anymore!! If they sleep, we can sleep. Hopefully, this gives everyone a few more winks at night.
  • Each baby left with a prescription for formula — 12 cans each with five refills!! If we can swing it right and insurance will cover it, we could have free or discounted formula delivered right to our door! Will keep you posted on if that goes through…
  • No shots were needed today, and they probably won’t get any until their 2-month appointment. We go back to the pediatrician in two weeks for their one month well child visit.
Our chart has helped keep us on track with feedings, diapers, and baths.

Our chart has helped keep us on track with feedings, diapers, and baths.

Our changing station, complete with a fully-stocked shelf of diapers, wipes, outfits, and burp rags, plus sanitizer and lotion nearby.

Our changing station, complete with a fully-stocked shelf of diapers, wipes, outfits, and burp rags, plus sanitizer and lotion nearby.

Our bottle station makes for an easy "bottle assembly line."

Our bottle station makes for a quick and easy assembly line.

Needless to say, we were very happy with how the day panned out. We really like our new pediatrician, who also has two other sets of triplets as patients already!

At home, we’re trying to stay as organized and on top of it as possible. A fellow “multiple mom” at work told me early on that my job was to make my house as efficient as possible. Those words really stuck with me, and I’d like to believe we thought of everything to make that possible. I know it will get harder before it gets easier — since the girls will only become more awake as time passes (and therefore more needy) — but for now, the help we’ve received and the way we’ve set up our house has made for a much easier transition that we ever thought possible.

The girls holding hands.

The girls holding hands.

This weekend, the girls will get their first formal pictures taken. I can’t wait to see what shots we end up with. As a special treat, my aunt and uncle have asked that the triplets be the featured picture in their business’s newspaper ad for the Right to Life rally this year. We are so honored that our girls could represent such a beautiful message.

Well, better grab some Zzzs. It’s only a matter of hours before I’ll be up again for the next feeding. 🙂


6 responses

  1. What a wonderful update! So glad to hear things are going so well!! 🙂 i anxiously wait for the next update! 🙂 give kisses to those sweet babies and to Hannah too! 🙂

  2. Greg & Stef, we really enjoyed our visit on Wed. We sure did enjoy holding them. We went to my cousins funeral this morning & took the pictures along & people just OH & AWED. Then we went to a funeral home for Grandpa’s cousin & when we walked in CONGRAULATIONS. I showed pictures there & more OH & AWES. Everybody sure enjoys seeing pictures & talk about them & are so happy you & the babies are so good. Yes I had to die on Jan. 1 & Grandpa had a cousin to die on Jan 2..

  3. You were always organized as my intern and you have not lost that great talent! 🙂 I have a feeling the art of efficiency will be your next area of expertise as the days and weeks go on. Great job to you and Greg, and with applause and kudos to the Smith and Jansen family and friends. What a blessing to have such a support group. Looking forward to seeing you, Stef….very soon 🙂


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