Look Mom…Three Hands!

We have officially achieved “super parent” status. Both Greg and I accomplished a solo feeding the other night, meaning we each handled all three babies on our own while the other one slept. We were pretty proud of ourselves. Really, it wasn’t as big of a deal as it sounds — we fed one baby first while the other two slept and then fed two at a time after the first one was back in bed. The only way this works is if the babies cooperate and don’t scream while you’re with the others. We just happened to get lucky the other night with well-tempered babies.

While the solo feedings were only a one-time thing so far, we have consistently been feeding two at a time. Through the night when we want to finish feedings sooner so we can get back to sleep, one of us takes one baby while the other person feeds two at a time. (Are you following all of this?) This is accomplished with lots of pillows, babies’ heads turned opposite ways, and yes…..some bottle propping. (Modern moms, look away…. šŸ™‚ ) It does take some slight of hand, but it IS possible! Third hand not required.

Feedings have also been going more quickly since we bought regular flow nipples for Alex and Nora yesterday. We started to notice that they would become frustrated during feedings and almost give up halfway through a bottle. Thus, they’d fall asleep from working too hard to get their food and then wake up shortly after, still hungry. Now, they’re getting their food quicker and becoming more full. Lucy still needs slow flow for a little longer though. It’s a little too much milk for her at one time right now, but I’m sure she’ll catch up quickly.

Speaking of which, the girls had their second installment of RSV preventative shots today, as well as their one month check-ups. I’m happy to announce the girls’ current weights:

Alex — 8 lbs, 2 oz

Nora — 8 lbs, 1 oz

Lucy — 7 lbs, 8 oz

We were so excited!! The girls are growing so well, they even fall on the regular growth chart instead of the preemie chart. No correction for their prematurity needed!

Everything went smoothly today and we did pretty well maneuvering around for the two appointments. We weathered the cold, arrived everywhere early, successfully completed a feeding in the midst of it all, and even managed to pick up lunch for ourselves in between. It was a busy — yet rewarding — day. The girls even had the perfect personalized hats for our outing today. Thanks Amanda L. for the special gift! The nurses certainly appreciated having each baby already “labeled.” šŸ™‚

Alex hat blocks Hannah bathtub lucy hat nora hat Stroller hats


8 responses

  1. All four of those girlies are super adorable. It looks like lil Lucy is closing in on her sisters. Wouldn’t it be funny if she ends up being the biggest of all!!

  2. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! this post!! Wow, the girls look awesome (and I even see them all of the time!) They are wide awake – probably cause of the “cold” air. You guys did great maneuvering for the second time out with them…..you make it look easy for sure! Their weights are unbelievable!! Keep it up girls!

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