Three in One

Been wondering where I’ve been? As predicted, the girls have started to become more awake as they’ve grown, and they now keep us on our toes 24/7. We use the times that they don’t require our attention just to catch up on basic necessities — taking showers, eating, getting some rest. Luckily, through the generosity of friends and family volunteers, we’ve still been able to find time to ourselves to go workout, grab a bite out, or run some errands.

A special day for our family

A special day for our family

The triplets and their Godparents

The triplets and their Godparents

This past weekend was a special one, as the girls got baptized in the same church we were married in. It was a private baptism after Mass, performed by our parish priest, Fr. Vince. As the first time out in public with the girls for something other than a doctor’s visit, we were pretty nervous about the day. But with some extensive planning, preparation, and extra hands, we made it through with flying colors. We had been preparing for weeks prior, trying to find all the pieces of a baptismal outfit for three babies. Alex wore the gown that Hannah wore, which my mom made. Lucy wore the dress that my sisters and I wore as babies. And Nora wore a dress I bought online. Each baby wore matching sweaters and shoes (a gift from Greg’s parents), plus bonnets made by my Grandma Goedde, which are intended to be included in their wedding bouquets someday. (insert “awww” here) All of the girls’ Godparents (even Hannah’s) are within our immediate families:

Alex — Greg’s brothers, Peter and Vincent

Lucy — Greg’s brother and his wife, Ben and Sachie

Nora — My brother and sister, Troy and Lindsay

This doesn't look too much like Calvary, does it??

This doesn’t look too much like Calvary, does it??

We were certainly proud to have our brothers and sisters up there as Godparents for our children. While the ceremony got a little noisy at times with babies fussing, it was still very special. Afterwards, we headed back to our house for a nice lunch with everyone. The girls received gifts like Miraculous Medals, a rosary, a scrapbook and photo albums, money, and prayer cards — all very special items that will remain keepsakes. While the day was a success (and my entire house now smells like Chrism oil), it probably goes without saying that we spent the day napping and relaxing after everyone left. Whew!

Hannah's first ashes

Hannah’s first ashes. What a good little Catholic girl!

Despite the hectic week, the girls actually allowed us a very nice, quiet Valentine’s Day. We enjoyed a nice steak dinner together and exchanged funny cards (my preference). “No gifts,” you ask? Well, funny story — on his way up to the Northside for an eye appointment, Greg was listening to the Dan Dakich sports radio show to refute Dan’s claim that “you’re a schmuck if you don’t get your wife something for V-day.” Greg argued that having the added expense of triplets was a good excuse, correctly claiming that I had not asked for any gifts this year. Dan still protested (which makes sense — you’d think carrying around triplets for the past year would warrant extra gifts on Valentines Day 😉 ), but Greg forgot to mention that he was making me a nice dinner and told me to go on a shopping spree the following day. What a fun story! Greg was glowing the rest of the day.

This week, I also made my first trip into the office since October. (If you remember, I worked from home for the last two months of my pregnancy, and I’ve obviously been at home on maternity leave since the girls were born.) It was SO nice to get out of the house, put on some clothes other than jeans and a T-shirt, navigate downtown again, and catch up with my work friends. Usually, women who are on maternity leave at ExactTarget make it back in for a visit sometime before they officially come back to work and bring the baby to show everyone. As you can imagine, I wasn’t about to bring the big triplet stroller with me and walk around downtown. So unfortunately, my co-workers didn’t get to see the babies, but it was kind of fun to just be on my own and talk to people without being on “mommy duty.” At the same time, my writing team came to visit me a couple weeks ago and take a volunteer shift. You better believe I put them to work, having them trade in their wordsmithing skills for diaper changing and bottle feeding! 🙂

Matchy matchy

Matchy matchy

This weekend was also marked by a visit from my aunts who came up from Haubstadt to see the babies and try their hand at “triplet duty.” My mom, Aunt Amy, and Aunt Laura spent yesterday and this morning feeding babies, doing laundry, washing bottles, organizing baby clothes, playing with Hannah, and making meals. They’re Wonder Women to say the least! 🙂 What was I doing during all of this? Getting my hair done (I went shorter and darker!) and going shopping, of course. Greg even got out of the house for a bit to workout and do some things for himself. Many thanks for weekend off!!

I’m very thankful for the help we’ve continued to receive lately. Greg’s parents come over one night every week to let us get a full night of uninterrupted sleep, while my parents remain”on call” throughout the week to quickly come over if we need them. Our siblings continue to be excellent aunts and uncles, stopping by to see Hannah and the babies every chance they get. And of course, our core group of volunteers still come by and offer their help any time we need it. I also wanted to extend one last thank you to YOU for continuing to read my blog. I’ve heard the nicest comments from some of you and I’m glad you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Thanks for being interested in our life and listening to me ramble!

Until next time…


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  1. So glad you and Greg continue to get lots of help. You said it best, as they are more awake, you really need the extra support and hands. 🙂 Todd and I had our first babysitter (non family) for the twins (now 16 months) this weekend for a few hours. It makes a world of difference to just get a break and enjoy each other again. Both sets of grandparents are often not in town…I am learning i have to line up other options…for our sanity. I love the girls all matchy matchy…and I cannot wait to see your hair!

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