Triple Double

Being married to a sports fanatic, I’ve picked up on some of the lingo over the years. In basketball, a triple double refers to a player achieving double digit totals in three statistical categories. But in our household, it means the triplets have given us two reasons to celebrate in the same week.

SUCCESS #1: At our 2-month appointment last week, the girls weighed in at a whopping 11 lbs (Alex), 10 lbs 13 oz (Nora), and 9 lbs 13 oz (Lucy). Alex and Nora are so big that their measurements don’t even fall on the preemie growth chart anymore! They are now in the 50th percentile for weight for full-term babies. This brings me to success #2.

IMG_2543SUCCESS #2: We don’t have to be on special formula anymore! Since birth, the triplets have been on Similac Neosure, which is a high-calorie formula just for preemies to help them gain weight. Unfortunately, there are no generic versions of this particular formula, so we’ve been paying about $17 per 8 oz can. And when you go through one can in just a day and a half, the cost can add up. Luckily, stepping up to the next level of formula allows us to purchase the Kroger version, which only costs $13 for a can that’s three times that size!

See what I mean? TRIPLE DOUBLE.

Unfortunately, the week hasn’t been without it’s trying times too. As previously predicted, the triplets have become more alert — and thus, more fussy and difficult to care for — as they’ve gotten older, as opposed to the behavioral progression of full-term babies who start out fussy and become more docile over time. As preemies, the girls have slept for most of the past two months, and they’re just starting to wake up. The most frustrating part is that with a full-term baby, they’re usually cooing and smiling by the time they’re two months old. But since our girls were premature, correcting for their early arrival means behaviorally, they’re actually only 3.5 weeks old. This means we’re still in the fussy, sleepless, I-want-to-be-held-all-the-time phase. Usually the wanting to be held constantly isn’t a problem, as newborns often get plenty of attention and time in their parents’ arms. But juggling three kids and a toddler means having to divide this time up a bit. And I’ve only got two arms! So no matter how long we hold each one, it never seems to be enough. Of course, our parents and volunteers help out significantly with this. But babies can’t be fooled — they know their mommy and daddy. πŸ™‚

Hannah's new desk, refurbished by my Grandparents

Hannah’s new desk, refurbished by my Grandparents

Another big change we’ve experienced lately is Greg’s return to work last week. It was a short work week, however, due to two days off for President’s Day on Monday and a school cancellation on Friday because of the ice storm. So perhaps it was the best way to ease into being without him. Of course, now that he’s back to teaching full days, there’s no time for naps during the day like there was when he was on leave. So this means we’ve had to work out a more creative nighttime schedule: Greg takes the last feeding of the day while I head to bed. But I take the feeding in the middle of the night while he sleeps. So he might have to stay up later, but he gets uninterrupted sleep so he can be more alert at school.

I’m happy for Greg that he’s gone back to work. We’re both similar in that we enjoy staying active and productive during the day. While there’s certainly plenty to be done every day on the home front, there’s no question that some days seem to fly by in a matter of minutes, leaving you feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything. Yet, in just three weeks, I’ll be back to work too, and who knows what tune I’ll be whistling when I’m on the other side. πŸ™‚

Not much else to report, so I’ll leave you with some recent photos instead:

Little Lucy

Little Lucy



Nora the Snora

Nora the Snora

Fun in the wagon!

Fun in the wagon!


6 responses

  1. Just when I am feeling overwhelmed by the week ahead of me with the twins and work demands, I read your blog and it helps put everything in perspective. I know this cannot be easy. I wish I could be there to help and hold. Know that you guys are doing amazing work and sometimes babies just need to cry and fuss…even if they are getting held by mom or dad all of the time. As they say….this phase too shall pass. The girls are so sweet thanks for the pics of their adorable faces. Also, I am jealous that Hannah’s hair fits into pony tail. We are still waiting on Connor and Camden’s hair to really grow in. πŸ™‚

  2. Nice post! I love being able to see Hannah’s features in the triplets. All new moms experience the phenomenon of feeling a day has whizzed by with seemingly nothing getting done but tending to the children. Get used to it, and don’t let it bother you. You’ll find the time for the important stuff. Congrats on the triple double!

  3. Glad things are going well! I had my twins about a wk ago, one is with me the other is at Riley, hopefully getting home soon.
    Take care of your angels!!

  4. Glad you put their names with them. They all look alike to us. Wish I had time to come & hold them. Right now Grandpa is my baby!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That was my desk when I was little! Seems like Grandpa fixed it up and got all of the crayon drawings off of it. Hannah will love it!

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