Back to Reality

Nora taking a look around

Nora taking a look around

I never could’ve imagined this moment — the night before returning to work from maternity leave after having triplets. I have vivid memories that I’ll never forget from the day I found out I was having triplets. A million things flashed through my mind, and from there, a series of events and planning began — tell our family, find a doctor, sell our house, buy a house, tell work, move, prepare the house for babies, prepare for birth, get help lined up, prepare for bringing them home, spend the next 12 weeks getting to know them. It’s been a long journey. But in all that time since that unforgettable day in June, I couldn’t imagine the day I would go back to work — the day all the preparations and “pre-work” would be over. Tomorrow starts a new chapter — the day the girls stop being newborns and start growing up. It marks the time when we start getting into a routine as a family and living our lives. The novelty has worn off. It’s time to get back to reality!

Alex sitting up?

Alex sitting up?

All four of my kiddos.

All four of my kiddos.

I’m sure people think I’m crazy for going back to work when I have four kids under the age of 2. But we’ve defied a lot of other things that people say about having triplets and I know we can do this too. I’ve certainly enjoyed being at home — it’s allowed me to spend some quality time with Greg and Hannah that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. And of course, it’s given me ample time to get the babies adjusted. But at least in the short term, I believe working will actually be a really good thing for me and the kids. I certainly know they’ll be in good hands while we’re gone through the day. With that confidence, I can do my work at 100% and be ready to come home to them at the end of the day. I’m definitely excited to go back to work — get dressed up every day, use my mind for more than just calculating “ounces drank,” and have adult interaction. I think it’s mommy’s turn now. 🙂

We’ve learned a lot these past few months. Here are some to name a few:

  1. Keep calm and carry on.
  2. There’s no doubting the power of prayer.
  3. Swaddlers are the greatest invention since sliced bread.
  4. There are still good people in the world.
  5. A good nap goes a long way.
  6. Everybody needs a little “me” time.
  7. Spouses can accomplish a lot when they work as a team.
  8. Brand name formula, diapers, and detergent are overrated.
  9. Anyone can become ambidextrous if they just spend a little time around triplets.
  10. A situation is what you make of it.
Sweet Lucy

Sweet Lucy

When I was pregnant, the number one question people would ask us after learning we were having triplets was “how are you going to do it?” It would frustrate me because after overanalyzing it (a common trait of mine), I would assume that meant that people thought we couldn’t do it. Over time, I started questioning myself, wondering “will I ever have a free moment again?” “Will I ever get to enjoy a meal or a hot shower again?” “If they all three start crying, am I going to break down in tears?” I remember discussing this with Greg just before the girls were born and he assured me “we’re different.” Just because we hear it will be difficult doesn’t mean it has to be. And he was right — bottle making is easy because we took the time to set up a “station.” Our girls sleep well because we’ve been diligent about routines. Hannah interacts well with the babies because we’ve taught her how. We haven’t pulled our hair out when times were tough because we held each other up and learned how to be patient.

Name shirts aren't just cute....they're helpful!

Name shirts aren’t just cute….they’re helpful!

Aunt Jenny's here!

Aunt Jenny’s here!

Hannah helping out

Hannah helping out

I’m not saying things weren’t rough — we certainly had our share of trying times these past 12 weeks. But they weren’t as tough as they could’ve been because we were determined to beat the norm. The same thing happened at our wedding. People told us the day would fly by, we’d be stressed out with all the different activities, we wouldn’t really have a moment to enjoy ourselves, and it’d be over before we knew it. But we made sure to keep each other in check and take moments to just stop and look around. Because of that, it was the perfect day.

I guess I’m just a little nostalgic tonight. I can’t believe we’re here. I know it’s certainly not over yet — we’ve heard the first 12 months are definitely the hardest with multiples. But the past year was definitely a tough one and going back to work symbolizes the end of one chapter and the beginning of another, which is a major feat in my mind.

I need to wrap up and head to bed so I can rest up for tomorrow, but I’ll leave you with some updates since my last post:

  • My sister Jen came and visited last weekend. She got to see how big the babies have gotten since she was last here when they were born. We had a great time.
  • The triplets are sleeping through the night!! I know…….amazing. They’ve consistently been sleeping 8 hours at time. Sometimes that starts at 10 p.m. (meaning a full night of rest for us), but unfortunately, sometimes it starts at 7:30 p.m. (meaning we still have to get up in the middle of the night). Either way, we’re thankful that their bodies have adjusted.
  • The girls seem to get bigger every day. Even our parents who are around quite a bit comment that they get bigger every time they see them. I’d guess that they’re around 12 lbs. now. No check-up this month though — we’ll wait til next month to see.
  • Despite the 1,200 bottles of hand sanitizer around our house, we did eventually get sick. It started with me and Hannah. I had it pretty bad — the classic cold. The triplets eventually caught it and we’ve been dealing with snotty noses, which makes for tough feedings since breathing is tough. Luckily, we’re past it now and flu/RSV season is winding down.
  • We had our first non-doctor, non-baptism outings! That’s right — we packed up our house and headed over to my parents to celebrate my dad’s birthday last Sunday. Picture all of our diapers, bottles, outfits, bouncer seats, and blankets — the whole she-bang. We also took the triplets to Mass last night. Since Hannah was spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s, we got a little ambitious and decided to try it. Of course, we sat in the very back, but the trip was a success. We planned it so it was between feedings, and the girls slept the whole time! We enjoyed being able to go to church together and everyone enjoyed seeing the babies out and about.

Until next time!


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  1. “The next chapter” is always a bittersweet one for any mom going back to work. I remember sobbing in the car when dropping you off at our first daycare home. It gets easier for everyone as each day passes. We got your back, honey, don’t worry.

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