Finding Our Stride

I know, I know….it’s been a long time since my last blog. But at least this way, I have more to share! We’ve certainly been busy:

  • Returning to work. Making the transition back to work has been a tremendous success. I’ve already been back five weeks now, and I’ve found my stride again. I couldn’t have been welcomed back more warmly by my co-workers. I LOVE dressing up every day, going into the office, getting stuff done, and then rushing home to see my family. The first couple weeks took some adjustment in terms of child care (doing feedings before work, adjusting schedules, knowing how many care givers need to be with the girls at all times, having to do a feeding right as we come home from work), but it’s all evened out. I’m also happy to announce that I’m now on a 4-day work week! My amazing boss and company have been so supportive in letting me transition to a work schedule that’s better for my family, but still allows me to be considered a full-time employee. I love being able to put all the girls’ appointments on a single day so I can focus more at work and not have to take time off or come in late to accommodate for other things. It also gives me time to just be with them and bond in a way that’s not over a rushed weekend. Many thanks to our awesome nanny Meghan J. and our amazing caregivers and helpers, Grandma “Ree” Smith, Grandma Jansen, Diane D., Great Grandma K., and Barb J.
  • Our family on Easter

    Our family on Easter

    Easter. That’s right — I was bound and determined to take our whole family to church on the most crowded Sunday morning of the year. But we did it! The girls looked so cute in their fancy dresses. Hannah wore a new tan polka-dotted dress from Aunt Jenny — she was so cute. I love our family picture on the steps of the church altar. Afterward, we split the day between the Smiths and Jansens, hauling our crap (3 bouncer seats, 4 blankets, a thousand diapers, and snacks for Hannah, to name a few) from house to house. Luckily, we can easily relax around our families and we had a nice day of just sitting around, eating, and playing games. Holy Saturday was marked by a trip down to Haubstadt for Goedde Family Easter and my Grandpa’s 80th birthday. Greg stayed home with the babies and I took Hannah down South. She had her very first Easter egg hunt!! Being the only great grandkids of the family, Hannah and my cousin’s daughter had their own special area to hunt (a.k.a. a side yard where eggs were very obviously strewn about). Because I was pregnant with the triplet this past year, I hadn’t been down to visit the family since last Spring, so it was nice to see everyone again and catch up. It was also nice to relax and enjoy a BEER! 🙂

  • 3-month pictures. Like the new blog header? It’s from our 3-month photo session with the triplets. The girls were SO good and well-behaved — we couldn’t believe it! We seemed to time it perfectly between their naps so they were well-fed and not groggy or hungry. They were all smiles for us and the session only lasted about 30 minutes. Amazing! We also recently had our family picture taken for the church pictorial directory. It was a little stressful having to wait while they called us back (as the girls were in their car seats and crying), but by the time we got everyone into position, we were all smiles. We came out with an awesome picture that I ended up buying. Too bad it’s horizontal and they only take vertical pictures for the directory. 😦
  • Parents thank you dinner. Our parents have done so much for us since the day we first told them we were having triplets. But with so many things to do until the babies came and then getting through the delivery and holidays, it never seemed like the right time to appropriately thank them. So finally, now that the girls are a little easier to care for and we’ve got some time back in our schedules, we decided to host a nice dinner for all four parents, complete with cornish game hens (fancy, huh?), wine, and a “babysitter” (my sister Lindsay) for the girls while we enjoyed a cry-free, stress-free dinner downstairs. The night was lovely and we all had a chance to reflect on the past year and all that had happened. It was rewarding to be able to celebrate with those who had been there with us since the beginning.
egg hunt

Hannah’s first Easter egg hunt

Other than those specific events, the girls have also become much more alert in the past month. They coo and smile non-stop and are starting to sleep less through the day, making for more play time. Hannah can’t seem to get enough time outside, so we’re thankful for beautiful days where we can take her on a walk in the wagon or play on the swingset. Unfortunately, Indiana weather is such that one day, it could be 80 degrees and humid, and the next, it’s 30 degrees and flurrying. Thus, we’ve had to get creative with activities for those “inside days” to keep her entertained.

Babies first Easter

Babies first Easter

All in all, we’re loving life. Don’t get me wrong — there have been quite a few days when we’ve both come home tired, only to start our “second shift” in taking care of the girls. By bed time, we’re exhausted, but so deprived of personal time that we ignore the tiredness for just a little time to watch some TV or catch up.  But the trying times are forgotten quickly and the good times are the ones that are remembered. Right now, we’re giddy in anticipation of summer, where we’re hoping to get a lot of pool time with the girls, take Hannah to Holiday World, and have some FUN! Being pregnant the last two summers in a row, I’m personally looking forward to some sickness-free fun in the sun! 🙂 We can’t wait for the girls to get to the point where they’re sitting up, holding their own bottles (oh yeah), and enjoying their surroundings. And guess what? That’s only a few months away!

Until next time…


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  1. Amazing Grace!!! Thanks for the post. I think of you all often and keeping you in prayer. I can only imagine how much joy your 4 are bringing into the world and what all God has planned! Blessings, father rick

  2. Hi Stefanie! It was great to see you and Greg enjoying a parents-only trip to Target the other day :-). We would love to get Ella and Hannah together to play sometime soon! Just email me and we will set something up!!

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