Sweet Summer Time

group picThis time of year is an interesting one for me. For the past two years, I’ve spent my Spring/early Summer in the first weeks of pregnancy. And you know what that means — nausea, migraines, fatigue…the classic symptoms. I have a new outlook this year, ecstatic to spend an awesome summer with my family. One year ago this week was when I found out I was pregnant. Granted, I didn’t know at that time that it was triplets, but it still took me by surprise. Thus, I’ve been reflecting this past month on what life was like a year ago and how things have changed in that short time. It’s amazing how life’s biggest challenges and tough times can work themselves out to the point that you’re happier than you could’ve ever dream just a year later.

Right to Life ad

Right to Life ad

But I’ll spare you the nostalgia. After all, I know you read this blog to hear about the girls!!

So, what have we been up to? A lot, of course. Here we go: the triplets turned 5 months old. Hannah turned 18 months. The babies hit about 13 lbs. each. Greg got me a Coach purse (my first!) for Mother’s Day. We bought two double strollers (off of Craig’s List for great prices!) to make walks around the neighborhood easier. We mustered up the courage to go on our first restaurant outing with the triplets. Greg and I had the chance to get out for a night to attend a Great-Gatsby-themed birthday party. Our nanny, Meghan, helped me haul the girls up to Ben Davis to visit Greg at school. I accepted an extracurricular position at work as Co-Lead of our internal Moms group. We got the blow-up baby pool and water table out for Hannah. The triplets were featured in a pro-life ad for the Right to Life of Southwest Indiana program guide. We finally got the chance to get outside in the nice weather, meet our neighbors, and do some landscaping!


strollersI’m not gonna lie, our days are busy. And I don’t mean that in the way that most people casually say they’re busy. I mean that I’m CONSTANTLY moving. I’m constantly trying to increase my productivity. No minute is wasted. It’s funny talking to some of the other moms at work — when you’re a working mom, you know that you only have a certain amount of hours to get things done before you have to leave, so you use them wisely. Work has actually become “me time.” It’s where I get to do the things I like, interact with other adults, eat my lunch in peace, and use my mind for something more than divvying up ounces of formula. ๐Ÿ™‚ But by 6:00, I’m home to scarf down dinner so we can be ready for when the babies wake up soon after. The next couple hours are usually filled with cleaning up dinner, playing in the loft, or taking the girls on a walk. From there, we do one last feeding and spend a good hour and half trying to get the girls to sleep. (They’re extremely well-tempered compared to most, but for some reason, evening hours are a struggle!) By the time all the kids are asleep, Greg and I have about one hour to ourselves. I usually spend it cleaning, making my lunch for the next day, cleaning, organizing, paying bills, cleaning, catching up on emails, or….did I mention cleaning? It’s like an endless battle — I could be picking up clutter and Hannah would be right behind me, making more mess. ๐Ÿ™‚ But such is life with kids. I suppose I don’t mind clutter as much as dirt, and that’s what I mostly try to tackle by the end of the day. And if the girls don’t wake us up in the middle of the night, we wake up at about 6:30 the next morning to do it all again.

water tableSurprisingly, I’m not as exhausted as you’d think. I don’t fall into bed every night, and I don’t have to peel myself off the sheets each morning. I suppose your body adjusts to whatever you continually put it through. And that’s what we’ve done — created a norm. The number one question I get when people find out I have triplets is “how do you do it?” or something having to do with busyness, sleep, and exhaustion. But my answer always goes back to norms. We don’t even notice the difference anymore between having four under two and having a “normal” family lifestyle. Our bodies have adjusted, our brains have adjusted, and this is just our life. Remember the line from the opening segment of the old show Jon and Kate Plus 8? “It may be a crazy life, but it’s ours.”

I watched a movie recently (that’s right, I had time to watch a movie :)) called Motherhood with Uma Thurman. It was pretty cute — a tad bit weird and almost indie, but still good. It chronicles the day of a mother of two — her struggles, her hopes, her triumphs, her “seriously?” moments, and the times when there’s nothing more to do than laugh. I could identify with a good portion of the movie, but I felt like she brought some of her problems on herself. The best piece of advice I received when I was pregnant with the triplets (thank you Christy W.) was to be as efficient as possible. Make my house a machine. And you have to embody that in everything, down to what you wear. Keep your hair out of your face. Wear clothes that you can be flexible in — you’re gonna have to get dirty. Make meals that are not only easy to put together, but easy to clean up. Overcommunicate. Fold laundry in the living room while the kids are right next to you watching Dora. (I’m a big believer in multi-tasking.)

DSC_2354 DSC_2371 DSC_2553-2I’ve only got two years of motherhood under my belt, so I’m certainly no expert. I’m just sharing some things I’ve observed. Not gonna lie — we’ve definitely had some hellish days. But we’ve also had some days that went so smoothly because we have a routine and efficient planning. Help yourself. Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. ๐Ÿ™‚

As if the girls don’t already have enough drool and spit-up on their faces (sorry — gross, I know), we’ve added avocado to the mix! The triplets had their first experience with solid food the other night. And it was successful! They’re really doing well picking up on eating. Surprisingly, our best eater is little Lucy! It’s amazing how far she’s come — once the smallest one, she’s now caught up and progressing so well developmentally.

Big girl chairs!

Big girl chairs!

Hannah’s been a ton of fun lately too. We were so excited to spend some time with Greg’s brother, Ben, over the weekend as he tried his hand at her 18-month pictures! Informal and low-key, we just went to the local park to take some fun shots of her playing. Of course, we got some heart-melting pics. My little girl is growing up!

Especially excited for this month because I get to go on a personal vacation up to Minneapolis to visit my sister and brother-in-law! Can’t wait to get some one-on-one time with them that doesn’t include wrangling children while trying to have a conversation. Also excited to see their place (I’ve never been) and feel what it’s like to be on my own again! It will be an interesting feeling, and I know I’ll really miss the girls and Greg, but I’m super excited!

Lastly, I wanted to extend a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my sister, Lindsay, and her new FIANCE, Tony, on their recent engagement!!! Our whole family is giddy for another wedding, and I know I’m personally so excited to have another member of the family. I’m especially looking forward to taking our girls to the wedding next summer (it’s weird to think the triplets will be older than Hannah is now) and boogeying down!

Happy summer!


6 responses

  1. Aww, yay!! Thanks for the shoutout. You guys are so amazing…I was just telling someone the other day about you guys and how it’s just so…normal now! Couldn’t imagine not having the girls around. Han’s pics are ADORABLE! Love you xoxo

  2. I think you just wrote MY BLOG! You sound exactly like me. It’s all in preparation. Get the water in the bottles BEFORE the baby wants to eat, get the diaper container FULL before you need one, and run the dishwasher at least one or two times a day! I just laughed when I read your posts…
    Thanks for sending it out!

  3. The girls are getting so big. You guys are doing wonderful. Thanks for showing us all it is doable! Enjoy the summer with your family!

  4. Even though some days are indeed “hellish”, it makes it all so worth it when they giggle or grab your nose! Love Hannah’s pictures so much, too – soooooo big!!

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